Spam / Scam Reporting Statistics

The statistics represent spam / scam calls reports submitted over the last five months.

Daily Reports


  1. 0180 018 0600021spam
  2. 9587 07018922scam
  3. 0798 056568221service
  4. 7326 94111622
  5. 0635 245 506226
  6. 7772 91533821spam
  7. 7260 97752421
  8. 9680 80645125
  9. 7069 64955221
  10. 9943 86812922
  11. 0809 847083821
  12. 9599 07269424spam
  13. 0630 157 703722telemarketing
  14. 0811 893838823
  15. 0635 061 942221
  16. 0840 303 52124
  17. 9114 40462824
  18. 9571 85941323
  19. 9378 07607223
  20. 0180 088 9999921telemarketing

Monthly Reports


Commented Caller


  1. 0223 035 1600
  2. 0839 1906033
  3. 0803 7104571
  4. 0114 307 7565
  5. 140 046 1552
  6. 0333 559 1270
  7. 9255 170072
  8. 9004 102282
  9. 7389 949405
  10. 0404 671 4000
  11. 0141 472 1012
  12. 0407 140 4400

Here’s everything you need to know about Showcaller 

When the Truecaller app was launched, the team of Showcaller was inspired by the idea and created their own application that can help people identify anonymous numbers who call their phones. Through this application, random or spammed numbers calling your phone can be tracked, recorded, and blocked from your device. 

Moreover, the Showcaller app also boasts a lot of features such as caller ID, phone book sync, and cloud storage that can keep track of all your contact information in your phone book. 

What makes the Showcaller app even niftier to use is that it can automatically reject unknown numbers calling your phone as long they’re not on your list. Furthermore, if any of your contacts have that number in their spam list, the app can recognize it as well and trace who the caller is. 

Showcaller is a versatile app that can run smoothly on Android and Apple devices. Furthermore, you can increase the security of your app by adding a 2FA, you can add your own 4-digit password in the app every time you open it. 

If you’re looking for a way to ensure your information’s safety and security, you can now download the Showcaller app on your phone. 

Why you should download the Showcaller app 

  • If you want to protect your identity and information, the Showcaller app lets you keep track of all the numbers within your country of origin. With over 65,000 contacts in its database, Showcaller can help you trace the number calling your device. 
  • The app also has a contact sync feature that can organize all your contacts and sync them to your email address just in case you lose your phone. 
  • If an unfamiliar number is calling you and their digits are logged on the database, the Showcaller app will give you their profile image, address, and the numbers linked to their account. This can help you easily trace any unfamiliar person who’s trying to reach you. 
  • The Showcaller app has an automatic block call feature that can instantly reject an unfamiliar number calling your phone. For example, if you have blocked a number from your contacts, it will be detected by the app and will instantly reject any incoming calls from it. This is also helpful for spam emails and texts that you don’t want to see in your inbox. 
  • Unlike other apps that have a heavy memory, the Showcaller app only takes up 4 MB of your total storage space. Additionally, it won’t eat up a lot of your battery because it automatically stops running the database when you don’t have an incoming call. 

More information about the app is available on our website. Learn more about Showcaller when you subscribe to our page. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see how other users are enjoying the Showcaller app.