Identify unknown calls and block spams/scams

Show Caller ID

Show you Caller ID and number location on top of a billion number strong database.

Once a result is found, you can add it directly to your phone’s Contacts. Find out who called, their address, city, state, carrier and more, you can also see tags and comments on phone numbers.

Block Unwanted Calls

Block calls from known spammers or other unwanted callers.

Showcaller also provides spam reports during incoming calls from unknown numbers that could be used to block calls. Say goodbye to telemarketing, scam, fraud, sales, ads, harassment, illegal gambling, loan, insurance, voice phishing, survey research, customer care!

Record Any Calls

Record any incoming & outgoing calls with clear HD quality recording.

Enable/Disable call recording to your needs. Report spam call recording help other users.

Phone call from unknown number late at night. Scam, fraud or phishing with smartphone concept. Prank caller, scammer or stranger. Man answering to incoming call. Hoax person with fake identity.

Showcaller: Here’s what you need to know about us 

Over the past few years, a lot of users have encountered various privacy issues. With the concerning number of people complaining about breached accounts, identity theft, and other concerns regarding their personal information or accounts being breached. Here at Showcaller, we understand the threat customers feel when an unknown person or number calls their phone.

To help people protect their privacy, we have developed an app that lets people instantly find out who’s calling their phone. Even if you don’t have that number logged in your contacts, the user of the number will appear on your screen. Moreover, the Showcaller app will also tell you if the number calling you is spammed or blocked by other users. 

The Showcaller app will tell you which numbers have accessed your contacts before. When you install it on your phone, it lets you block the numbers with just a few taps. You don’t have to worry about spams, calls, sales calls, and more. When you download this app, it won’t even make your phone ring. 

Aside from the blocking feature, Showcaller also has a caller ID, caller recorder, and blocker that will track all your calls. Moreover, it will also help you add contacts to your address book and look for any possible connection with your spammed numbers to the ones saved on your phone.

Once you install the Showcaller app on your phone, it will sync all your contacts. It also has an intuitive caller feature. Additionally, if you ever plan on replacing your phone, the app will read all your contacts and save all the information you need so transferring important details won’t be difficult.

How to install the Showcaller app on your phone 

If you’re interested in downloading the app on your phone, here’s a quick guide that can help you:

  • Go to the Google Play store and look for the Showcaller app. Once done, download the app and wait for the application to appear on your screen. 
  • Once you see the logo of the Showcaller app, it will open and ask if it can access your contacts, confirm this and then click the ‘Yes’. After you’ve done this step, you need to log in to the application by providing your details such as email, password, and address. 
  • Providing your email will allow your app to sync all the information on your phone in case you lose your device. Once it’s fully downloaded, activate your account to a 2FA to add an extra layer of security to your Showcaller. 

More information about our app is available on our website. Learn more about our services and features when you subscribe to our page. Additionally, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more updates.