Be free from phishing with these helpful guides

In the world of the internet where everything is accessible, there are opportunities left and right. Unfortunately, so does the opportunity to lose your money or even your identity. Caused by a process called ‘phishing’, the scams are meant to give hackers a lot of money from their victims. 

To help you combat these people, we at Showcaller will be teaching you 6 ways of how to avoid getting victimized by phishing activities.

Think before your click

Is that email looking suspicious to you? Or maybe it’s too good to be true? If so, it probably is. When receiving emails of questionable reputation, be careful of opening them, and visiting any links attached. 

Still unsure if you could trust the message? Here are some things to remember: 

  • If it asks for your information, especially your passwords and credit card numbers, but you’re not familiar with the sender, it’s probably dangerous.
  • When the website leads to looks like a lower quality version of the original, be wary. 
  • Hover your cursor over the link, and see where it potentially leads to. Make sure it’s the correct website to keep yourself safe. 

Stay updated with all the latest phishing techniques

As more people get educated about phishing, numerous new tactics have started to pop up. To ensure you don’t fall prey to any of them, stay updated with all the latest techniques being done. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Never give out personal information

In our digital age, information is power. To keep others from having too much of it, especially criminals, make sure to keep your personal information to yourself. Under no circumstance should you place important information in untrustworthy websites or emails you’re not familiar with? When you do, you avoid your hard-earned money from being stolen, and your valuable personal information is kept at bay from prying eyes.

Close pop-ups

‘Congratulations! You just won a brand-new iPhone!’ Though it sounds like good news, don’t you wonder why? How can you win a brand-new iPhone without doing anything? Yes, this kind of internet content is one of the many forms of phishing. 

If you input your details in the hopes of getting a new phone, you’re only looking for trouble, instead. So be sure to close those pop-ups and move through your day. Remember to also install adblockers to keep these from popping up all the time.

Anti-virus software is a must

As you visit various websites, you’re exposing yourself to potential viruses that come with them. So to ensure that you’re safe when surfing the internet, have anti-virus software installed on your computer at all times. Also, try not to visit potentially infected websites as much as possible. 

Keep your browser updated

One of the ways to keep yourself safe from phishing is to update your browser. This is because its developers place safety codes in them to keep users safe from any sort of online attacks. So when you get notified about an update, be sure to install it immediately. 

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