Customer complaints we received

Showcaller app: customer complaints we received 

Showcaller app is an application that allows users to to track, block, and detect scam calls and messages. For people who have privacy concerns and want to add an extra layer of privacy to their calls and messages, this app is a great way to do that. 

However, the app is still in its early stages, so there are still a few bugs we have to fix to fully optimize its functionality. If you want to know more about the app and the concerns of our users, here are some of them: 

‘I downloaded the Showcaller app just a few days ago and found it hard to use. The app didn’t respond right away and the app was glitching so bad that it automatically called some of the people from my contacts. I thought restarting my phone would refresh the app but it didn’t. After several attempts, I gave up and deleted the app.’ 


‘Showcaller app wasn’t all that bad for me. However, my only concern was that it didn’t deliver the service it said it would, especially with the caller ID feature. I had a friend call me using a different number, but it didn’t block the number. But over all, the other features of the app were functioning well such as the record and the caller ID. It was very useful because there are important calls I had to record’. 

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If I have to rate this app, I would give it a 5/10. It wasn’t useful at all because I had to reinstall it a couple of times because of the glitches. Additionally, it wasn’t verifying through my email so I had to create  a new just to receive a message from the app. Additionally, the app didn’t sync to my contacts, so I had to manually add the numbers from my phone. Please fix the bugs and updates. 


Tips before using our app on your phone 

If you’re having trouble using our app, here are few tips we can share with you: 

  • Before you download the app, make sure that your phone system is updated. There are instances where the app will crash if your phone’s OS is not updated. Additionally, make sure that your phone has enough space to store the app. Sometimes, if your app is already at its full capacity, it can affect the app’s performance. 
  • When you download the app, make sure that you clear your phone’s cache. Sometimes, app malfunction can be attributed to uncleared cache on the phone. 
  • Make sure that the app’s version if compatable to your device. If you have an outdated phone that’s not compatible with the new OS, chances are that it will affect the app’s performance.

More information about our app is available on our website. Learn more about Showcaller and how you can utilise it better when you read our blogs.

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