Showcaller: Common reasons why people fall for scams

Phone scams are common issues across different countries all over the world, particularly here in India. These are orchestrated by people who prey on the emotions of others such as fear or sympathy. Because of these fraudulent activities, some people end up losing lots of money and having their accounts hacked. 

But the question remains, why is it so easy for some to believe these lies? Learn the different reasons why people fall for scams here at Showcaller:

It sounds too good to pass up

Most people end up believing scams because of their fear of missing out on a good opportunity. They think that a golden chance like this would never come again so they can’t help but instantly grab it without thinking twice. But as the famous saying goes, if it’s too good to be true then it probably is. This adage reminds you to think twice before making a big decision.

They act nice

Sounding nice and amiable is a common tactic by swindlers. They make it seem as if they care about your well-being by asking you questions about how your day was and how you’re feeling. Once they sense that you are getting comfortable with them, they try to dig further and inquire more about you like your birthday and other important information. 

Be wary of people who try to prompt you with lots of queries especially through a phone call. Even though they try to explain it nicely, don’t succumb to their lies and end the conversation as soon as possible.

They make you feel indebted

Like the famous quote goes, you scratch my back then I’ll scratch yours. It’s a principle that is applicable in various fraudulent activities where they make you feel indebted to them. They somehow allow you to get a certain large amount of money but in return, ask for your details to claim the prize.

Some even request that you pay for something or invest in their idea even if it ends up being a big scheme in the end. Remember to always double-check a person’s identity before believing anything they say. It’s a preventive measure for not only you but also your family.

It triggers your emotions

Heightened emotions can sometimes lead you to make irrational decisions. This is commonly seen in situations where emergencies happen which certain swindlers use to their advantage. For example, you get a call about your relative getting in an accident. Like any concerned person, you will be in constant panic and be compelled to do something without validating what they said. 

They might even ask you to send money immediately for the person’s hospital fees but in reality, it was nothing but a sham. Avoid this by confirming the truth from a reliable source before doing anything.

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